Paintless Dent Repair

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Paintless Dent Repair, also called paintless dent repair, refers to a method of eliminating small but quite noticeable dents in your vehicle’s body. As long as the paint is intact, a wide assortment of damaged areas can be repaired by using paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair can be utilized on both steel and aluminum panels alike.

Paintless dent repairs are considered a noninvasive and non-damaging alternative to other conventional repair processes such as body shops or body replacement. Since paintless dent repair does not require any repainting, the process can be completed quickly and continues to work well for years to come. This makes this process an excellent option for dented and dingy vehicles. Although vehicles with deep dents can sometimes be fixed with body filler or a temporary filler sheet, dents caused by normal wear and tear will not be repaired this way. This is because the repair process damages the paintwork underneath, which can make it impossible to paint the damaged area.

In order for a paintless dent repair to work properly, the panel must first be thoroughly cleaned and any contaminants must be removed. Next, the panel must be heated in order to melt the adhesive that holds the damaged area together. Once the adhesive has been melted, the damaged area must be sanded down until there are no remaining marks on the panel. The new area should then be painted using the same color as the rest of the car using a primer that is formulated for use on painted panels. The new paint should be allowed to dry for the proper amount of time before applying decals or other designs. This process typically takes less than an hour to complete.