Paintless Dent Repair refers to a technique of removing small dents in your car’s body through the use of a special brush. Many vehicles come equipped with small metal dents which are almost impossible to remove by traditional means. Paintless dent removal is often used when paintwork in the area of the dent has been badly scratched or damaged by previous damage. As paintless dent repair does not require the employment of any paint additives, it is an extremely economical technique and can be carried out quickly if you are in a hurry. Paintless dent removal can also be used on steel and aluminum panels where deep scratches can occur over many years without being able to be repaired.

Paintless Dent Repair

The main advantage of paintless dent repair over traditional methods is that it is virtually maintenance free, there is no application of paint or varnish and therefore no ongoing costs. It has been found that in most instances, paintless dent repair can save car owners up to 90 per cent of what they would spend on a new car paint job for similar dents. Paintless car repair has also been found to be much quicker than traditional techniques and can usually be carried out without the need for removal of the vehicle, unlike traditional repairs. Many car owners who have used this technique have reported that their vehicles appear to be restored to a factory fresh state with no noticeable difference from the day they were removed from the car park.

Paintless car repairs can also be carried out on vehicles without a paint job, such as those which have dull finishes due to rust or those which suffer minor dings and dents as a result of normal everyday driving. Paintless Dent Removal is recommended for all types of dings and dents. Paintless Dent Removal can also be carried out on cars with minor scratches and you will not need to remove the wheel in order to carry out the paintless dent repair process. Paintless Dent Repair is also the most economical method of repairing minor paint scratches.